Your life at the very centre of our conversations with you

The Wells Gibson Way

At Wells Gibson, we put your life at the centre of our conversations because we’re committed to helping you identify and pursue the fulfilling and meaningful life you desire for you and your family.  Our comprehensive Wealth Planning service pivots around three pillars…

our unique wealth planning service

our evidence-based investment strategy

your entire financial life in one place

As your trusted partner, you will have a reliable, experienced person you can contact, someone who will act as a sounding board and provide impartial second opinions.  Furthermore, we will seek to help you avoid making the wrong decisions, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons.

How we make it happen

Week 1

Discovery Meeting

By Week 7

WealthPlan Meeting

By Week 9

Commitment Meeting

By Week 13

Welcome Meeting


Progress Meeting


Annual WealthPlan Meetings

At Wells Gibson, we want you to experience excellence when it comes to service.

This roadmap serves to guide us wherever you are on your financial journey – still working but edging closer to retirement; already retired with an existing portfolio; or ready to invest a welcome windfall to support you and your family in years to come.

Between meetings, you will be able to contact Wells Gibson by phone, email, or via Wells Gibson Connect, our mobile app and web-based portal.

And our fees? Full details are here.