Our Mission

“Our mission is to bring clarity, contentment and certainty to your financial life.”

Jonathan Gibson, Managing Director

Proper Wealth Planning

Our life centred approach to Wealth Planning will help you be financially well organised and includes 3 key elements:

Investment Management

Wells Gibson will help you pursue a better investment experience.

Financial Strategies

Financial Strategies focuses on formulating advice and solutions in key areas.

Trusted Partnership

Lifelong relationship-driven planning and advice is our promise and partnership places Wells Gibson alongside you, at the centre of your financial affairs.

Kevin & Anita Leeming, Inverness

Clients of Jonathan’s since 2008 and Wells Gibson since 2016

“We like Jonathan’s holistic approach to a strategy which targets our goals. Review meetings are exactly that and not a platform for further product sales.

We deliver Proper Wealth Planning

Your tailored Wealth Plan will:

Make it easier for you to visualise and achieve the life you want;

Answer your big questions and help you prepare for your life’s transitions; and

Give you the greatest chance of a successful investment outcome and fulfilled life from the money you have and will have.

We deliver Proper Wealth Planning

Discover answers to your big questions