Creating your financial future


WealthSpan™ is Wells Gibson’s personal wealth planning service, uniquely designed to bring together all aspects of your life so that you have full clarity and certainty around your financial future.

At the heart of WealthSpan™ is the principle that we work as a partnership. The Wells Gibson team travels alongside you, at the heart of your financial affairs, building a long-term relationship. We’re always on hand to answer questions and ensure you only ever make the right decisions, at the right time. 

And with every decision, our goal is to see you take another step towards the fulfilling life you want to live — whatever that means to you and your family, and wherever you are on your journey.


The big questions

WealthSpan™ is designed to help you answer the big questions, such as…

The right strategies

These are the six key WealthSpan™ financial planning areas we focus on…

Cash flow

Making sure you’re never living beyond your means


Ensuring debt does not choke your financial future


Protecting you against the unexpected, such as illness


Paying what you should, but no more


Providing for those most important to you


Sharing your wealth to make a difference

The right foundation

Using WealthSpan™ as the foundation helps deliver a more rewarding investment experience, and your Wells Gibson team will build the portfolio that best meets your needs by…

There is of course also a lot more to WealthSpan™ and that’s why it’s become the financial planning centrepiece that underpins every Wells Gibson client’s investment portfolio.