Designing Your Financial Future


WealthSpan™ is Wells Gibson’s personal wealth planning service, uniquely designed to bring together all aspects of your life so that you have full clarity, contentment, and certainty around your financial future…


Visualise your financial future and options.


Feel less anxious about tomorrow.


Know you can secure all that you value.

With Wells Gibson, you will have a reliable and experienced person you can contact, someone who will act as a sounding board and provide impartial second opinions.  Importantly, we will seek to help you avoid making the wrong decisions, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons.

The big questions

WealthSpan™ will help answer your big questions, such as…

The right strategies

WealthSpan™  focuses on 7 key financial planning areas…

Cash flow

Avoiding living beyond your means


Ensuring debt does not choke your family’s financial future


Protecting you against the unexpected, such as illness


Enjoying a successful investment experience


Paying what you should, but not a penny more


Providing for those most important to you


Making a real difference to others

The right foundation

WealthSpan™ is core to helping you enjoy a successful investment experience and will help to define your investment risk profile in 3 key areas:

WealthSpanTM is the financial planning centrepiece that underpins every Wells Gibson client’s investment portfolio.