Your financial world at your fingertips

Wells Gibson Connect™

Wells Gibson Connect™ gathers everything in your portfolio together, making it easy to stay in touch with your finances in real time — on your desktop, your tablet, or your phone.

Fully intuitive

This intuitive app — powered by moneyinfo — delivers a true picture of your net worth by tracking all your assets and liabilities, bringing them to you in one clear summary and putting you in control. 

No more logging in and out of multiple apps to build the picture — Wells Gibson ConnectTM brings you a personalised snapshot of your entire financial world, at any time of day or night on your desktop, tablet or phone.

You choose

And you get to choose what you want to include. Most of our clients add in their bank accounts, pensions, savings, investments, mortgages, any loans, credit and store cards they may have, and their insurance policies. 

You can also use Wells Gibson ConnectTM to store all your important documents, exchange paperwork with us, get reminders about upcoming policy and other renewals, and even check the value of your property using Land Registry data!

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Safe and secure

Your data is always safe with Wells Gibson Connect and is only exchanged via the most secure methods. We use bank-level security and encryption, and you’re further protected by the PIN you choose and register to your devices.