What draws our clients to us

Why Choose Wells Gibson?

We find clients are drawn to us by our integrity and commitment to putting their lives and financial future at the centre of our conversations.

Mainly through personal recommendation, we have built a particularly strong client base among owners of dental, veterinary and other community-based independent practices, successful but unpretentious business owners whose family-focused life goals resonate strongly with our own.

Among our other key clients are corporate professionals who find, like our practice owner clients, that their core values are reflected in the ethical, evidence-based Wells Gibson approach to wealth planning and investment management.

What they all have in common is a desire to secure all that they value, leaving them free to enjoy the fruits of their labour and confident their family will always be provided for.

We are introduced to our clients at many different points in their life’s journey — here are some of the milestones where we are most likely to meet…

You’re working hard in your business or corporate career and reaping the rewards of the many sacrifices you’ve made along the way. You’re living well within your means, a saver not a spender, and all your family’s needs are taken care of. You’re not interested in acquiring more stuff for the sake of it, and quality trumps quantity every time. 


Retirement is still a little way down the road, but you want to start planning ahead and exploring all the options for creating a long-term strategy that will give you and your family exactly the balance of freedom and security you’re seeking to live your fulfilled future life.

You’ve sold your business — or chosen to leave your career behind — and you’re now officially retired. You’re celebrating your freedom from the nine-to-five, life is looking good, and you have a clear vision of how you want this next phase in your life to play out. 

But you also have this nagging concern that your portfolio, which includes pensions and investments, might not provide the right level of income to sustain all your aspirations. You’re aware that you just don’t have the know-how to be confident you’re making the right investment choices and you’re looking for a trusted partner to give you that essential guidance.  


You have an inheritance or lump sum from the sale of your business sitting in your bank account waiting for you to decide what to do with it. You know that it’s not going to grow where it is, but you’re not at all sure what you should be doing to turn your windfall into a nest egg and you’re getting a lot of conflicting advice. 

So now you’re looking for help in creating an investment portfolio that will put your money to work for you and your family in a sustained and sustainable way. You want to find a trusted partner who really understands your values and life goals and the difference you want this lump sum to make — not just for now, but for the future. 

Wherever you are on your own path through life, we’re here to make sense of your wealth planning options and to help you live the fulfilled and purposeful life you deserve.

Our Values

Our team share Jonathan’s founding principles, that real wealth is a fulfilled and purposeful life and we all need Clarity, Contentment and Certainty to thrive.


the one word that defines Wells Gibson and serves as our guiding force.


ensures there is a spirit of openness in the way we communicate with our clients and as a team.


we seek to be the trusted financial partner of all our clients.


we seek to provide the perfect environment so our team can flourish and deliver a leading financial planning and investment service to every client.

Work in partnership with us and discover what your financial future could look like.

Proudly supporting charities & businesses locally, nationally and internationally