Authentic Portfolios™

At Wells Gibson, we want you to enjoy a successful investment experience and believe investing should be guided by decades of empirical evidence.

Authentic PortfoliosTM means a sensible, systematic approach to investing which starts with four enduring beliefs….

Creating your authentic portfolio

Enjoying a successful investment experience depends on five practical imperatives.

Portfolio structure

Select the right assets and blend

Diversifying broadly

Invest across assets, sectors, and regions

Managing financial costs

Remain systematic and minimise taxes

Managing emotional costs

Stay disciplined and
don’t waver

Portfolio maintenance

Rebalance the asset
mix regularly

Staying evidence based

Every investment recommendation we make is based on empirical evidence, and as part of this professional commitment Wells Gibson is a member of the Evidence Based Investment Solutions Group.

This brings together UK-based financial and wealth management planners and advisors who are, like us, committed to using academic research and pooling knowledge to inform investment decisions.