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Honouring Heroes in the Ring: A Night to Remember at the Military Boxing Event

Wells Gibson was proud to sponsor a recent military boxing evening at Leuchars Station.

Photo credit: ‘Craftsman Kelly’ Leuchars Station

Our Managing Director, Jonathan Gibson said; ‘It was an unforgettable experience that left a profound impact on me. It takes me back to my childhood; there existed a dream of joining the Special Air Services, the legendary SAS. Sadly, this dream was to be short-lived, as it came crashing down during a routine visit accompanying my father and brother for a blood test – I fainted from the sight of the blood! The SAS dream had lasted no longer than a heartbeat. While I hadn’t even made it past the thought stage, the experience had taught me a valuable lesson about the stark difference between fantasy and reality. The dream had faded, but it left behind a newfound admiration for the resilience and bravery of those who serve in elite military units.”

Jonathan went on to say, ‘This event was a perfect blend of athleticism, camaraderie, and patriotism that transcended the ordinary. When we think about the military, what often comes to mind are images of soldiers in uniform, standing tall and disciplined, working together seamlessly as a team. This discipline and partnership are essential elements of military life, but what might surprise you is that these same principles can be applied to financial planning. Just as the battlefield, strategy, discipline and a keen understanding of risk and reward are crucial for success. Financial planning, at its core is about guiding clients to be disciplined with their cash flow, debt management, and investing. It’s about serving as a trusted partner, assisting them in making the right decisions for the right reasons at the right time.”

I’d like to explore the principles that guide our armed forces and how they can be harnessed to achieve financial success and security.

Discipline in Cash Flow Management

In the military, soldiers follow strict routines and protocols. Similarly, effective financial planning requires disciplined budgeting and cash flow management. Clients need to understand where their money is coming from and where it’s going. This involves creating a realistic budget, tracking expenses, and making informed decisions about spending. Discipline in cash flow management ensures that financial resources are allocated efficiently and that there is a clear understanding of priorities.

Debt Management as a Strategic Operation

Soldiers understand the importance of strategic operations, and in financial planning, managing debt is just as strategic. Debt can either be a valuable tool or a burden, depending on how it’s managed. Like military strategists, financial planners assess the client’s debt situation, develop a plan to pay it down strategically, and explore opportunities for refinancing or consolidation. The goal is to ensure that debt is used wisely and not allowed to become overwhelming.

Investing with Precision

In both the military and financial planning, the goal is to achieve objectives with precision and efficiency. Investing is akin to military strategy; it involves choosing the right assets and investment vehicles to meet long-term financial goals. A financial planner’s role is to assist clients in selecting investment options that align with their risk tolerance, financial objectives, and time horizon. Just as soldiers rely on intelligence and data to make tactical decisions, investors rely on research and market analysis to make informed choices.

Building Trust through Partnership

Soldiers trust their comrades with their lives, and in financial planning, trust is equally vital. Clients entrust their financial futures to their financial planners. To build this trust, planners must act as reliable partners, always putting the client’s best interests first. This involves clear communication, transparency, and a commitment to ethical standards. A financial planner who values the client-planner partnership fosters a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Attending the military boxing night as a sponsor was an incredibly rewarding and emotionally charged experience. It allowed us to witness the extraordinary spirit of our military community, celebrate their achievements, and offer support in a practical and meaningful way. We left the event with a renewed sense of gratitude for our armed forces and a deep appreciation for the power of sports in bringing people together. It was a night I will cherish, and I look forward to continuing our support for our military heroes in the future.

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