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Jonathan Gibson

Purposeful Wealth

Do you want to live a fulfilled and purposeful life? Are you unsure how to create the fulfilled life that you’re seeking?

In this book, Jonathan introduces his principles for living a fulfilled and purposeful life, as well as sharing the key financial and wealth planning strategies you need to focus on to achieve this.

At the heart of Jonathan’s work as a wealth planner is the belief that real wealth is about much more than money and possessions. He guides you through the concepts of a fulfilled life and authentic investing before sharing wise financial strategies and advice on how to implement each in your life.

The Wise Financial Strategies Jonathan explores are:


In each chapter, Jonathan shares his personal experiences as well as his extensive knowledge about wealth planning gathered after decades of working in the sector, all with the aim of helping you to achieve a fulfilled and purposeful life, supported by the right trusted partner.

As Albert Einstein once said: “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

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