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WG Connect – Wells Gibson’s New Portal and App

By 17th May 2018May 24th, 2018No Comments

In our quest to bring clarity, contentment and certainty to the financial lives of our clients, Wells Gibson is delighted to announce that it will soon be launching WG Connect, a secure web-based portal and mobile app which will give our clients the opportunity to see their entire financial life in one place.

The app will be compatible with Apple / iOS and Android devices and will give you 24/7 access to your banking, property, pensions, savings & investments, mortgage & credit cards and insurances.  As well as providing a real time view of your finances, the portal and app will allow you to see your total net worth and spending via interactive and animated graphs and will provide a document store for your insurance policies, wills etc.

Two-way document sharing, and instant messaging alerts will make collaboration between you and Wells Gibson, secure and easy.  With an intuitive interface and familiar Facebook type notifications, you will find staying in contact with Wells Gibson simple.

In summary, your financial information will be accessible on demand and all your finances and associated paperwork will be organised and available at your convenience.

The launch of the portal and app is a giant step forward for clients who use professional advisers as it provides even greater transparency in your dealings with us; it’s your money after all, and if we’re both in possession of all the facts then we can make better decisions together.

Wells Gibson is delighted to be one of the first advisory firms in Scotland and the first in East Scotland, to launch the portal and app in partnership with moneyinfo which has developed the platform behind the portal and app.

Last and by no means least, Wells Gibson takes the security of your personal and financial information very seriously and moneyinfo makes sure that your data is safeguarded using bank level security and encryption.  Your mobile app will be further protected with your own six-digit pin and registered to your own personal advice.

We will let you know when WG Connect goes live.