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Retirement Maze: The Alarming Lack of Financial Plans


Embarking on the golden years of retirement should ideally be a time of relaxation and fulfilment. However, a recent report from Just Group* sheds light on a concerning trend – nearly half of retirees (49%) entered retirement without a clear financial plan. The study underscores the importance of financial preparation and seeks to address the various factors contributing to this lack of foresight.

Key Findings:

1. Absence of Financial Planning

– Shockingly, 49% of retirees had no concrete financial plan for their post-work years.

– 35% retired without conducting any financial assessment of their ability to afford retirement.

– 14% were forced into early retirement, running out of time to make financial plans.

2. Limited Use of Financial Advisers

– Less than 10% (8%) sought the help of an independent financial adviser.

– Just 6% utilised Pension Wise, the government-backed pension guidance service.

3. DIY Approaches and Informal Help

– 34% took a DIY approach, conducting a full review of their savings and assessing income and expenses.

– 10% sought informal help from friends and family.

– 6% explored alternative sources of support.

The report serves as a wake-up call, highlighting the pervasive lack of financial planning among retirees. As retirement approaches, seeking professional financial planning and advice and utilising available resources become crucial steps in securing a stable and enjoyable post-work life.

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* Just Group surveyed 1,050 UK adults over 55 between 17 and 27 August.