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Ensuring Your Pension Reaches the Right Hands

The Money and Pensions Service urges pension holders to confirm their beneficiaries to ensure their savings go to the intended recipients after death.

The necessity of understanding the fate of one’s pension after death is a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of financial planning.

The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) emphasises the importance of this knowledge, especially given the startling revelation from a recent survey: a significant majority of UK adults with pensions are uncertain about the destiny of their pension savings posthumously.

From the survey, which included 2,561 UK adults with pensions, only 41% accurately identified that their pension would be transferred to their chosen beneficiary upon their demise. This indicates that an overwhelming 26 million pension savers could be in the dark regarding the future of their pension funds.

Misconceptions abound, with 23% mistakenly believing their pension would automatically be passed to their next of kin.

Others assumed the government (11%), their employer (8%), or their pension provider (7%) would inherit it. This confusion underscores the need for heightened awareness and action.

MaPS urges pension holders to proactively verify their beneficiary nominations. It is a simple yet vital step to ensure that pensions reach the intended recipients rather than potentially benefiting someone no longer connected to the pension holder, such as a former partner.

The survey also revealed a concerning lack of awareness, with 20% of respondents unaware of their nominated beneficiaries.

While 47% were certain about all their choices, others were less sure, with some knowing only “most” (11%) or “some” (10%) of their nominations.

Updating personal details is another area where diligence is required. A mere three-quarters of respondents have kept current details for their name, address, phone number, and email with at least some of their pensions.

Jackie Spencer, Head of Pensions Policy at MaPS, offers poignant advice:

“It’s a challenging topic but preparing for the unexpected is essential. Relationships change, and without the correct beneficiary, your pension could inadvertently enrich someone you didn’t intend to. The implications are considerable, with millions at risk of this oversight.”

MaPS’s initiative aims to prompt individuals to confirm the appropriate beneficiary for each pension they hold. This can be easily done by contacting pension providers.

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