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Wells Gibson is a CISI Accredited Financial Planning FirmTM and boutique, family-owned business, founded in 2016 by Jonathan Gibson, Managing Director.

Jonathan was introduced to the world of banking in 1988 by his late grandfather, James Wells Gibson.  James was a Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) business customer whose connections with senior bankers helped secure Jonathan’s first real job in the financial services sector.  It was whilst working at RBS that Jonathan discovered that he had a natural flare with customers.

Three years later, in 1991, Jonathan’s late father, Terry Wells Gibson, introduced him to the financial advisory sector.  Terry was a Branch Manager with a former FTSE All-Share insurance company, Britannic Assurance.  Knowing Jonathan was unsettled at RBS, Terry encouraged Jonathan to accompany a couple of his team members on customer visits so he could gain insight into the role of a Britannic Agent.  Soon after, a former colleague of Terry offered Jonathan a position within Britannic Assurance in Aberdeen – Jonathan fulfilled various roles with Britannic between 1991 until 2001, when Britannic decided to close its doors and Jonathan was made redundant.

Although Terry and James opened doors for Jonathan, the turning point came when Jonathan attended a presentation by The Institute of Financial Planning in 2002.  Here he learned that he could engage with clients on a fee basis, as opposed to a sales-led, commission dependent basis, which was the norm within the financial advisory sector.   This new business model aligned much more strongly with Jonathan’s values – with a fee-based, financial planning proposition, there would be no need to engage with clients on a product-sales basis, which meant clients would receive a more genuine and life-centred service, built around their wants and needs.

Between 2005 and 2015, Jonathan spent 10 years as a founding director and shareholder of two businesses which were joint ventures with Chartered Accountants.  However, he has always believed that although everyone has a purpose in life, our purpose and true potential can only be achieved in the right environment.  Both businesses afforded Jonathan the opportunity to create value for himself and his family, however he was always attracted to the relative business autonomy and personal freedom that business owners enjoyed.

Jonathan wanted to honour his late father and grandfather in his business name, and consequently, Wells Gibson was founded in 2016.

Wells Gibson is based in Dundee and in order to provide a face-to-face, highly-personal service, we serve clients principally in Scotland.  Wells Gibson is independent and works for you, not a company.

Integrity is paramount at Wells Gibson and as such, our team has grown organically, anchored by the principles of authenticity, transparency, partnership and innovation.

We pride ourselves on the unique relationships we foster with our client families, where their lives form the nucleus of our conversations.  We focus on lifelong, relationship-driven planning and advice, as opposed to one-off, transactional or product-driven sales.  Instead, our services are fee-based and independent, offering precise Wealth Planning that’s supported by evidence-based, systematic investment strategies.

In general, our clients are clear about what they want to achieve but are not necessarily clear about what’s really possible or how to achieve and maintain the life that is important to them.

At Wells Gibson we make it easier for client families to visualise and achieve the life they want.  We put your life at the centre of our conversations and design and create a wealth plan which brings your financial future to life as well as:

  • Answering your big questions;
  • Helping you be financially well organised and prepared for the future; and
  • Giving you the greatest chance of a successful investment outcome and fulfilled life from the money you have and will have.

Wells Gibson firmly believes that financial planning is the world’s best kept secret and that it can change lives – one client, one family at a time by bringing clarity, contentment and certainty to your financial life.

The majority of our decisions have a financial consequence, and at Wells Gibson we know that real wealth is about much more than money and possessions –  it encompasses all aspects of your life and purpose and, with Wells Gibson, you can be safe in the knowledge that your life is also our purpose.

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