Investment Management

“Wells Gibson will help you pursue a better investment experience.”

Jonathan Gibson, Managing Director

Our Approach

Underpinned by safe custody and sound administration, our approach to investment management could be described as simple, yet quite different to what you have experienced in the past. We believe that investment decisions should be guided by the wealth of academic and empirical evidence available to us.

Wells Gibson adheres to an evidence-based, systematic strategy which aims to maximise returns, consistent with how much risk you are willing, able and need to take, whilst minimising emotional and financial costs, taxes & risk.

We define a better investment experience as one where you enjoy peace of mind, can sleep at night and the investment returns help you to fulfil your goals and achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle.

Wells Gibson is a member of the Evidence Based Investment Solutions (EBIS) group

Our approach is underpinned by 3 core beliefs and 3 practical principles:

Core Beliefs

Practical Principles

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