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Wise Financial Strategies

“Financial strategies help you to be financially well organised and prepared in six challenging areas.”

Jonathan Gibson, Managing Director

Wise Financial Strategies

Wells Gibson formulates advice and solutions in six challenging areas:

Cashflow – Preparing for your life’s transitions 

Visualising what your financial future could look like; knowing how much income and spending there is; and avoiding living beyond your means.

Borrowing – Cautiously ensuring debt does not choke your financial future

Repaying debt to enable flexibility and choice in your financial life.

Risk – Protecting you against the unexpected

Eliminating the potential risks from long-term illness and/or disability, critical illness and death by transferring the risk to insurance companies. Your assets can also be exposed to business risks and risks from relationships and taxation.

Tax – Not paying more tax than you need to

Utilising allowances, exemptions and tax-planning products & solutions, to legally minimise income tax; capital gains tax; and inheritance tax.

Legacy – Providing for those who are important to you

Efficiently transferring your wealth to your children and/or grandchildren.

Giving – Making a real difference to others

Helping you and your family make a real difference to the causes and communities you care about in a strategic, organised and tax-efficient way.

Sam & Caroline McKillop, Perthshire

Clients of Wells Gibson since 2017

“We feel that we can move forward into retirement with confidence knowing that we will be well looked after by a very professional, and approachable adviser.

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