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About EBIS

What is the Evidence Based Investment Solutions (EBIS) group?

EBIS is Wells Gibson’s investment research and development group. Formed in 2008, EBIS is a group of independent investment professionals who believe many investors are poorly served by the investment industry and inexperienced advisors.  EBIS member firms are based across the UK and as at December 2018, represent clients with c.£500 million in funds under advice.

What is the purpose of EBIS?

Educating anyone who wants to learn more about evidence-based, systematic investing. The purpose of the group is to make the case for a smarter way of investing, based on global academic evidence and to provide a central resource for sharing our investment philosophy with a wider audience.

What motivates EBIS?

Protecting our clients and our reputation from flawed industry practices. Investors seek a return on their investments however the UK investment management industry continues to transfer most of this return from investors’ pockets to those in the fund management industry, in the form of bonuses, commissions, fees and other expenses. EBIS members have a completely different approach.

How does EBIS function as Wells Gibson’s investment committee?

Pooling intellectual capital and experience. In order to provide a good and consistent investment experience, it is necessary to apply a structured and disciplined process to the construction of investment portfolios.  This process should consider each asset class and sub-class, examine the evidence for and against holding it, and recommend whether it is likely to add risk-adjusted return to portfolios.  Model portfolios should then be tested for the most appropriate combination of each asset class, using the latest developments in Modern Portfolio Theory.  Finally, the funds available in each asset class need to be reviewed against a range of criteria, including cost and how well it fulfils its brief.

The role of the EBIS investment committee is to identify and present the evidence the group needs to make asset allocation and fund decisions for their clients’ portfolios. Our intellectual capital and experience are combined to produce what we believe are some of the most rigorously researched portfolios available.

How do clients benefit from EBIS?

Member firms are far more capable together than in isolation. EBIS is also an ongoing research and development organisation, meeting regularly to share best practice ideas and processes between our businesses.  This co-operation allows us to gain and pass on to clients a more rounded view of Financial Planning than we would be able to as an individual firm.

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