Our mission

“Our mission is to see lives changed, one client, one family at a time.”

Jonathan Gibson, Managing Director

Chris & Suzanne Clarke, Aberdeen

Clients of Wells Gibson since 2017

“As an unmarried couple who had just retired, we needed expert advice to give us informative support in deciding the most tax efficient and trusted way to deal with our various pension pots, savings and investments to secure a comfortable worry free future.
Fortunately for us, a friend recommended Wells Gibson. When we first met Jonathan, his warm, friendly, confident and professional manner underpinned by his strong family orientated background and his broad understanding of financial investments made the decision easy to entrust him as our chosen financial planner.

Now as a married couple we feel in touch and in control of our finances. We feel confident Jonathan and his exceptional team at Wells Gibson are looking after both our investment and our families future”.

Kevin & Anita Leeming, Inverness

Clients of Jonathan since 2011 and of Wells Gibson since 2016

“Jonathan has been advising us financially for about 8 years. We like the holistic approach he has to a strategy that targets our goals. Review meetings are exactly that and not a platform for further policy sales. I would definitely recommend him and the Wells Gibson team.”

Chris and Debbie Henderson, Aberdeen

Clients of Wells Gibson since 1998

“I met Jonathan at a course organized through NHS Grampian in the late 1990s
and was impressed with his notions regarding investment and pensions and we
have been clients of his ever since.
We feel our finances are in good hands and, over the years, have continued to
follow Jonathan’s advice such that our pension and investments have continued
to grow. We are in a very comfortable position and are confident that with the
advice of Wells Gibson we can plan our retirement and help our children to
securely start their adult lives after school and university.
We value honesty and transparency when it comes to the complicated world of
financial management and we feel that Jonathan and his associates have always
treated us in such a way.
We look forward to an ongoing and fruitful relationship with Wells Gibson..”

Chris and Debbie Henderson

Know you can secure all that you value